I am a web designer and SEO copywriter based in Laos

  • Need a new website that really sells your business?
  • SEO friendly content that helps your website rank on Google?
  • Friendly digital services to overcome the confusing technical details?

Hello, I'm Lani and I can help you with your digital woes. 

You don't need 12 different people to get your business up and streaking ahead online. You just need me. 

Here's how I work...

This is my business so I work with you one on one. I don’t outsource. I’m right there with you in the trenches.  I want what you want - your business success. 

I bring the technical expertise plus a friendly, supportive approach. I answer every email. There are no dumb questions.

Just ask my clients, I have a 95% referral rate. My clients love my digital services so much, they tell their friends. (You guys rock).

We were absolute beginners when it came to building a website for our new business. It was a steep learning curve for us and I think we were an endless frustration to Lani! But Lani was always calm and steered us through the mire. She was highly organised, thorough and always available. We learnt a lot and are very happy with our website. Thank you Lani!
— Melinda Jamieson and Suzy Piani, Interior Design Consultants, Sold On Styling

I can tell your story

I'm based in the beautiful little country of Laos, and I work with clients in both Asia and Australia.

When I left Australia 2 years ago, I was a freelance food writer. I visited farms, wineries, restaurants, and shared stories of people who produce our food and wine. 

In Laos, I've refocused my business on web design, copywriting and digital marketing. I started working with small business owners helping to build their online presence. 

Now, I share stories of small businesses to their clients and customers. I’m excited to work with every client on websites, content, SEO and social media.

And I still write about food on my blog, Eat Drink Laos. 

I turn technical jargon into readable, SEO friendly content

Before I was a freelance writer, I worked in Australian Government. I answered the hundreds of letters that kids sent to the PM. (Yep, that was a real job).

I turned routine government policy into engaging responses that 7-year olds could understand. They love it. They wanted to be pen pals.

So, believe me, I can turn your business jargon into engaging words that attract your (grown up) clients.

I’ve also worked for environmental organisations in Vietnam. I edited technical reports, built and maintained websites, and wrote grant proposals. I also helped to draft Vietnam’s first national climate change policy in English. Oh, and I have a Masters in Sustainability which took me 5 years and 2 babies to achieve (but I did it).

So, writing fantastic, SEO friendly business content? It’s in the bag.

Lani is my go-to writer for very professional, efficient and word-perfect work. I highly recommend and continue to use Lani’s writing and digital services.
— Richard Scrivener, Director, AIE Consultancy

I know how crazy it is trying to build a business and do everything yourself

I get it. I’m a parent to 2 kids.

I’ve lived in 5 different countries since 2010. That's a lot of packing and unpacking. 

I started my copywriting and web design business from my dining table that I shared with the laundry.

I regularly work weekends and at night when everyone else is sleeping.

I’ve learned on the job through my own trial and error. I’ve made mistakes, wrong choices and dopey decisions. We all do.

I'm passionate about helping small businesses grow online because I've been there too.

Lilani has been invaluable in setting up my new jewellery business. Being based in a very low tech country (Myanmar) has lots of challenges in having a high quality website. Lilani’s technical advice on website and social media and digital services really helped.
— Amber Cernovs, Mia Ruby, Trusted Myanmar Gems & Jewellery

What my friendly digital services can do for you...

  • I can be your digital services accomplice

  • I can create a smart, professional and engaging website that converts

  • I can write SEO friendly website content that attracts your customers

  • I can help you rank in Google searches

  • I can provide clear strategies and planning to grow your online presence

  • I can support you with friendly, technical advice and 100% enthusiasm

Let's chat about your new website or SEO friendly content