Behind The Story: Cloudy Bay Sheep Farm

Behind The Story: Cloudy Bay Sheep Farm

I don't normally play favourites with my food stories but I just loved Cloudy Bay Homestead's free-range lamb farm in Bruny Island, Tasmania. We visited on the second day of our Appetite for Excellence Tasmania produce tour and I wrote this story on it.

Why was Cloudy Bay Homestead so special? Well...

Maybe it was the serenity and natural beauty of Bruny Island with its big, empty horizons and green fields fringed by blue sea. Maybe it was that the sheep were so damn cute and fluffy. Or maybe it was because it was my birthday and I was just feeling good.

Regardless, it was great to spend a few hours there with yet another inspiring pair of Tasmanian farmers, Kim and Jason. And it looked like the sheep have a pretty good life.

I especially loved that Kim and Jason are very into sustainable land management, zero chemicals and chilled animal husbandry techniques. They put as much thought into their sheeps' diet as you or I would put into our next meal. It's a very holistic approach and the result is a very good product.

If you're ever in Tasmania, one of the most beautiful places in the world, hop on a ferry over to Bruny Island for the day. See fat, white, fluffy sheep, drive along ocean roads, feel the salty breeze on your cheeks. It's paradise.

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