Behind The Story: Huon Aquaculture

Behind The Story: Huon Aquaculture

"Will we see a seal?", was my first question stepping onto the boat. I was trying not to show how super excited I was by the thought. Forget the salmon.

It was the first day of the Appetite for Excellence produce tour to Tasmania and I was the accompanying writer. The guys from Huon Aquaculture were taking us out on a boat to see their salmon pens around Hideaway Bay, south of Hobart. And this is the story I wrote about it.

Huon is one of Australia's largest producers of salmon and has been rated one of the best in the world. So, getting to see and hear about their operations first-hand is a fantastic experience and one that's not readily available to the public.

And the only thing that loves salmon more than Australian people (it is officially our favourite seafood) are Australian fur seals. Which is why they're a regular fixture around salmon pens. They craftily catch salmon either by climbing over the sides of the pen (which are at least 6ft high) or by head-butting and then eating them through the nets.

We also learned heaps about the processes of farming salmon, how Australia ranks globally (very high on quality but quite small on quantity) and how sustainable fish farming is the way of the future. It was all really interesting. And delicious - we feasted on Huon's salmon and ocean trout when we got back on dry land and regained feeling in our frozen fingers and toes.

But I have to say that seeing a beautiful wild seal nosing about near the pens, salmon poachers though they are, was a real highlight. And not just for me; the boat tipped violently to the side as everyone rushed to see that beautiful creature, cameras at the ready. It didn't give us a second glance, cheeky bugger.

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