Behind The Story: Stoney Rise Winery

Behind The Story: Stoney Rise Winery

For a Pinotfile like me, visiting the Tamar Valley, and Tasmania in general, was a real treat. Tassie arguably makes Australia's best Pinot Noirs and sparklings. Okay, so the Adelaide Hills, Mornington Peninsula and the Canberra region (and others) also make great Pinots... but I'm digressing.

My point is that it's hard to go to Tassie and not trip over great Pinots at every turn. And great Pinot winemakers too, as was the case at Stoney Rise winery. Here is the story I wrote about that little adventure, the last of my Appetite for Excellence stories from my Tassie famil in July.

We had a very interesting tasting at Stoney Rise with the winemaker Joe Holyman, named one of Australia’s best Pinot winemakers. He had us all laughing with his blunt good humour and complete irreverence for Cab Sauvs. His dedication to growing and producing such stellar wines whilst doing so with very environmental and zen methods is very admirable. And of course, the wine is awesome. Track down a bottle of 2012 Holyman Pinot Noir and you'll be a happy camper.

It was a beautiful winter's day with gorgeous blue skies and if I stood directly in the sun, it was just nicely warm. After the wine tasting, Joe generously left all the bottles on the table for us all to help ourselves to and it went very nicely with mobile woodfire pizza van that Phee had hired for lunch. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Featured image by Dominique Cherry.

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