Behind The Story: Boosey Creek Cheese

Behind The Story: Boosey Creek Cheese

One of the best things about being a food writer is that, sometimes, you get to eat the fruit of your labours. (Quite literally the time I wrote this story about a Bolivian fruit called the achacha). Other times, it's less literal but just as tasty.

In July, I spent a week with a talented bunch of young hospitality folk on an Appetite for Excellence produce tour around Victoria. It was inspiring, informative, and fun. It was also a lot of work. I needed to listen, learn, understand, and write up the experience of every producer (9 in total over 4 days).

One of the first places we visited was a family-run cheese factory called Boosey Creek. It's a tiny place where everything is done by hand. And they can lay claim to producing some of the freshest cheese in the country. This is because they also own a dairy farm and the milk from their grass-fed cows travels a single metre to the dairy. Yep, ONE METRE. (That's like 3 feet, for you Americans).

As a point of reference, most dairies buy their milk from surrounding dairy farms and it takes a few hours to arrive. And that is still very fresh.


This is a regular electronic milking system that calculates the amount of milk each cow produces. They are milked 3 times a day and fed grains during the process so they're fairly content. Up close they're also a lot bigger than they look on the field.

These 350 Friesian cows spend their whole lives outside on a 900-acre farm. In the thick, red, muddy soil, grass and clover grow with abandon.


Unsurprisingly, such freshness and care means Boosey Creek produces some tasty cheese. And they win a lot of awards.


If you love cheese, read my story on Boosey Creek Cheese here.

Then get down to a supermarket and taste it for yourself!

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