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Behind The Story: Mt Gnomon Farm

Behind The Story: Mt Gnomon Farm

In the cold and exceptionally beautiful north-western Tasmania, right up the top within sight of the ocean, there is a locally famous farm called Mount Gnomon. There, two young farmers, Guy and Eliza, raise rare heritage pigs.

I visited this farm with its deep red mud and cold ocean winds in the heart of winter. Yes, it was cold. It was also a fantastic place to see. You can read why in my story for Appetite for Excellence...

Behind The Story: Cloudy Bay Sheep Farm

Behind The Story: Cloudy Bay Sheep Farm

I hate to play favourites but I just loved Cloudy Bay Homestead's free-range lamb farm on the beautiful Bruny Island in Tasmania.

Maybe it was the serenity and natural beauty - big, empty horizons and green fields fringed by blue sea. Maybe it was that the sheep were so damn cute and fluffy. Or maybe it was because it was my birthday and I was just feeling good.

Behind The Story: Cameron's Oysters

Cameron's Oysters is one of the biggest and most established family-owned oyster farms in Australia, though most Australian have probably never heard of them. That's because their real business is in their hatchery, from which half of all Australian baby oysters (spats) come.

That's a lot of oysters.

Here's my story on visiting one of the most beautiful oyster farms in the world, in the lovely Tasmania.

Behind The Story: Huon Aquaculture

Seal and salmon spotting at Huon Aquaculture one cold morning in Tasmania. Afterwards we ate the salmon. But not the seals. Nor did the seals eat the salmon.

Huon is one of Australia's largest producers of salmon and has been rated one of the best in the world. So, getting to see and hear about their operations first-hand is a fantastic experience and one that's not readily available to the public. It was a real experience to write about it for Appetite for Excellence.

Freelancing: Will Write For Truffles

Freelancing: Will Write For Truffles

Food writing at its most fun - I went on a truffle hunt and cook for a sponsored story for Electrolux.

It was brilliant fun and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Canberra in winter, who loves food and truffles (or the idea of truffles) and wonders where they come from and how to find, buy and cook with them. Delicious!