The Mini Site Audit & Strategy

Is your website working its heart out for you day and night?

  • Do people understand what you do?

  • Does your site have a clear, single purpose?

  • Are you getting new subscribers to your blog or newsletter?

  • Are you getting contact form enquiries?

  • Can visitors easily sign up, pay or contact you?

No? We need to do something about that.

Each Mini Audit is personalised for your website

This ain't no one-size-fits-all system here; I conduct each Mini Site Audit individually. There’s no outsourcing, only my cavernous mind delving into your website. Which means personalised recommendations, based on your site’s purpose, target audience and marketing goals. 

What about SEO?

Good point. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is super important for helping your website rank in search results.
It’s like hoisting a bright yellow umbrella in a sea of boring black ones.

So, yes, definitely, SEO is crucial for websites.

This audit doesn’t include SEO because that’s a bigger can of worms.
If you want help with keyword research and a custom SEO report, get in touch.

But getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. Once there, it’s your website’s turn.
It has to entice and flirt, laugh at their jokes and lead them through a merry dance of persuasion to your chosen target.

Is your site up to the challenge?

I found it very hard to create content for my website and Lani was unfailingly supportive and available.

I now have a very usable and clear website, that ‘does what it says on the box’. Lani gave me exactly what I asked for and I am really happy with the result.
— Melissa Abrahams, Sun Moon Healing

Auditing doesn’t just mean telling you what’s right and wrong with your site. Any monkey can do that.

You need to know what to do next.

A strategy, even a mini one, will spin a problem into a solution, pronto.
That’s why the Mini Site Audit comes with custom site and page recommendations.

Identify the issues > Create a solution > Implement it > Positive result

That’s how we roll.

Why hire me?

I’m a professional web designer, copywriter and communication strategist.
I’ve seen and worked on hundreds of sites AND I’m an online research and shopping ninja.
So, I know what makes a good site from the front and back ends.

Plus, I always deliver over and above what I promise.
This is because I am truly excited to work with and help my clients as much as possible.

Working with Lani was great! She listened to what I needed and gave me expert advice on how to present our website content.
— Annie Beaudoin, Owner, West Ryde Physiotherapy Clinic

What you get with my Mini Site Audit & Strategy

⭐️ An in-depth review of your whole site (up to 15 pages) and your blog as a whole

Including content, images, branding, links, footer, contact forms and navigation

⭐️ A clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website

⭐️ An assessment of the speed and responsiveness of your site

⭐️ An analysis of the clarity and readability of your written content

⭐️ Overall site and page recommendations

⭐️ A neatly designed 5-page PDF report

It’s a maxi audit in a mini package!

The Mini Site Audit & Strategy is for you if:

  • You want to improve your site but don’t know how

  • You’re confused about what you should say on your site

  • You’re not sure how to lead customers to take action

  • You know your site should be performing better

  • You want more newsletter subscribers

  • You want to convert readers to customers

Limited spots available at my half price September special!

Normally $395

For the sweet month of September, it’s just $197 + GST

is there anything more fun than doing an audit? Yes - when someone else does one for you!