The SEO Mini Audit


Of course you do!

Picture this scenario...

You’ve just launched an awesome new website, full of great content and killer images. All of your friends ‘like’ your Facebook page. You’ve started getting a few clients, mostly through word of mouth and social media. But you still seem largely invisible online. You’re not ranking on Google searches at all.

So. Damn. Frustrating.

I get it! I blogged for years with an audience largely of 1 (thanks Mum!). I wondered how on earth other bloggers got so much traffic, comments and interest when - let’s face it - my content was so much better! IMO, of course ;)

I was blithely unaware of online promotion and digital marketing, and I’d never even heard of SEO. I just thought that since I was publishing awesome content regularly with a few tags thrown in, that people could, and would, find my content online. And I'd amass a giant following. Nuh uh… I couldn't have been more wrong.

Sound familiar? The solution is...

Your site needs to crank up its SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. And you need to get that bad boy working for you!


The SEO Mini Audit checks up on your small business site's SEO.

It looks at your Google Analytics, search engine ranking, social media, page titles and descriptions, backlinks and a lot more.
It gives you a report and a personalised list of suggestions to improve your SEO.
It's "mini" because there's no actual tinkering in your website; just concrete solutions to help you on your way.

How your business benefits from the SEO Mini Audit:

  • Your website will perform better in Google searches - because Google will know you’re there!
  • Your site will be more targeted towards the right clients and customers
  • You will clearly see the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your website
  • You will know the exact steps to take to improve your site’s SEO
  • You will understand how to write keyword-rich blog posts and site content
  • You will have a custom-designed, actionable strategy to implement at your own pace

Each SEO Mini Audit is personalised for your website

This ain't no one size fits all system here; I conduct each SEO Mini Check individually. I don’t outsource, it will be my fingers tap, tap, tapping into your site SEO. Which means I’ll be giving you personalised SEO recommendations, based on your own site’s purpose, clientele and marketing goals. 


Into the nitty gritty. Take a peek at what you get...

  • An in-depth SEO report on your website
  • Google Analytics check
  • Google page indexing
  • Personalised keyword suggestions
  • Updated personalised page titles and descriptions
  • Keyword-rich rewrite of 1 blog post, news item or web page
  • List of SEO recommendations including indexing, social media, links, images and more

Put SEO to work for your business, not the other way round!

You will definitely see results after the SEO Mini Check and when you implement your personalised recommendations. It won’t happen overnight because SEO is an ongoing process. High search rankings are also dependent on a number of variables such as local competition and Google’s changing algorithms.

But you can’t take action if you don’t understand the playing field and how your site compares.

That’s the key takeaway of the SEO Mini Audit - you get:

  • A personalised SEO audit of your website
  • Recommendations based on your site, purpose, clientele and marketing goals
  • The technical side of Google Analytics sorted
  • Keyword recommendations and where to use them on your site
  • The SEO strengths and weaknesses of your site  

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