Strategy & Business Branding

Develop your strategy & brand your business


I’m a Canberra-based strategist for businesses and organisations. I’ll help you create a clear, compelling brand that attracts the right audience.

What is business branding?

Branding is a two-headed beast for most small to medium sized businesses and organisations.

First, there’s your basic business strategy - what’s your unique selling point? Who is your ideal customer and how can you help them? How do you want to “speak” to clients (what’s your tone of voice?)

I can help answer all these questions and more - so you can see your business more clearly and plan ahead.

Second, let’s get pretty.

Do you have a logo and what does it say about your business? What are your colours and fonts and iconography? And why do those elements attract your target audience?

Give your business a professional facelift

I can take your business from average to awesome! Here’s how I help:

  • In-depth briefing and strategy sessions

  • Comprehensive Business Branding & Tone of Voice document

  • Sample content written in your style and voice

  • Logo and branding graphic design services

  • Custom branding style guides

  • Personal, hands on and supportive service

My strategy and business branding services:

  • Strategy sessions

  • Business Branding reports

  • Tone of Voice reports

  • Logos

  • Business cards

  • Custom design elements

  • Custom style guides

I recently worked with Lani on my brand strategy for my new skincare business. She was fantastic in guiding me through the key branding elements I hadn’t even thought about! I now feel much clearer and more confident moving forward with my business.
— Shelly Reins, Founder + Owner, Inside Out Care