Website Design + Content

I design beautiful, intuitive and easy to manage Squarespace websites for creative women with small businesses. I also write and edit site content.

What you get when you work with me: 

• Personal service - I don't outsource my work to anyone else
• A 5-day turnaround to complete site mockup
• My undivided attention during your booked timeframe
• In-depth social media and SEO skills
• A journalist's writing and editing experience
• Oodles of enthusiasm and excitement for your new business


• Custom website design
• Technical advice
• Web content drafting and editing
• Blog posts
• Domain registration and site mapping
• Image sourcing and optimisation
• Standard site SEO
• Personalised video training
• Social media and digital marketing advice

Want an awesome website that perfectly captures your business? 

Recent Clients

Mia Ruby - Responsible jewellery and gems in Myanmar, October 2016 - New Squarespace website and content; ongoing product inventory and custom edits

Megan Blandford - Freelance Writer, July 2016 - New Squarespace website

Lindy Alexander - Freelance Writer, May 2016 - New Squarespace website

Dr Trisha Boetto - Integrative Medicine Practitioner, March 2016 - Squarespace website editing

Limina Coaching - Academic and Professional Development Coach, November 2015 - New Wordpress website and content edit

RAW Coaching - Bridal Wellness Coach, September 2015 - New Squarespace website


"I’d definitely recommend Lilani’s services: she made the whole process easy"

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Sold On Styling - Property Stylists, August 2015 - New Squarespace website

Kamaji Tree - Coaching and Hypnotherapy Centre, July 2015 - New Squarespace website

Calcomm Solutions - Specialist Recruitment Services, June 2015 - New Wordpress website

Big Iron Consulting  - Mining Equipment Asset Management, May 2015 - Squarespace website content edit and marketing

EDNR Real Foods - Sports Nutrition and Health, April 2015 - Wordpress website advice and content edit

Invest in your business with a seriously cool website. 

upcoming website projects

Shevonne Joyce, April 2017

SRM Constructions, April 2017

Clara Barilani, Clinical Psychology, May 2017


I use a combination of my own images and Am I Responsive screenshots for the above imagery.