Want to boost your business online?

Whatever your digital woes, I’ve got your back


Does your website show off your business? I'm a Squarespace web designer for small businesses. I deliver professional sites that are fun and easy to maintain, plus friendly technical support and custom video training. 


Is your site content feeling sad and unloved? I'm an SEO copywriter and content writer. I'll manage your keyword research, write your title and page SEO, optimise your pages and deliver readable, engaging copy.


Are you struggling with poor Google rankings or an unfocused site? I'm a web designer and SEO copywriter. I do website audits, keyword planning, goals and marketing strategy to boost your online business long term.


Shine a spotlight on your business

I'm a friendly and professional SEO copywriter, web designer and marketing specialist for small businesses. I also own a business which I built from the ground up.

Being passionate about your product or service is great. But getting bogged down by technical "online stuff"? Boring!

I know just how you feel. 

I've worked with loads of clients with the same digital issues.

If this sounds familiar...

  • I have no idea how to set up a website
  • Should I start a blog? 
  • What's SEO?
  • Why can't I find my website in Google searches?

Then we need to chat. 

You need someone to work with you in a technical capacity. Who'll "get" your ideas and turn them into great, SEO friendly content. Who can figure out why your current site isn't pulling in clients. Who you feel comfortable asking a million questions of. Who'll create a smart and engaging website that engages clients. 

That is what I want to do for you. 

You've got an awesome business and I want to shine a spotlight on it.

Suzy, my business partner, and I were absolute beginners when it came to building a website for our new business. So, it was a steep learning curve for us and I think we were an endless frustration to Lani! But Lani was always calm and steered us through the mire. She was highly organised, thorough and always available to make adjustments and answer questions. We certainly learnt a lot and are very happy with our website. Thank you Lani!
— Melinda Jamieson and Suzy Piani, Interior Design Consultants, Sold On Styling

Craving some digital TLC?

If your business is craving some love and attention, you're in the right place. 

I work with small business clients in lots of different industries from writers to doctors to builders. See what my happy clients say about working with me. 

I provide friendly, awesome digital support services. A new website. A redesigned website. New SEO copy. An SEO audit. Marketing strategies. Goal setting. Technical support. Love and cookies. 

You don't need 5 different people. Just one very efficient person. (Yes, I'm talking about myself in the third person. We won't do that on your site).  

What I can do for your business 

I don't outsource. You and I will work together. I'm right there with you in the trenches.

I've got the technical know how and you've got the savvy business. Nobody knows your business like you do. We just need to share your key message in the best possible way.

I'll assess your business, audit your current site, check out your industry and competitors, research your keywords, map out your SEO content, build a creative, effective website, plan your marketing strategies and bring in some Google love. 

Just think of me as your digital ally. 

I'll be there for you every day during your project time. I'll answer all your questions and give you loads of support. And enthusiasm.

Your business is awesome so let's shout it from the rooftops! 

It was a pleasure working with Lani on my website. I am delighted with the result. Lani is smart, well-organised, always delivers on time and best of all, knows how to write well. She really knows her stuff. Her website was affordable and her online tutorial was easy to follow. She worked with my ideas and gave me great advice where it was needed.

I can highly recommend Lani as a website designer. She is terrific and it was a very positive experience.
— Dr Trisha Boetto, GP and Integrative Health Specialist, drtrishaboetto.com