I am an Australian freelance writer and Squarespace web designer,
based in Vientiane, Laos.
I help creative, female small business owners to succeed online.

I created my own career path. And you can too.


Let's back up a bit...

In early 2015, my husband and I, and our two small children, decided to move to Laos. I'm sorry... where? Laos. It's a tiny, landlocked country in Asia. There are mountains, waterfalls and rice paddy fields, and the meandering, mighty Mekong River flows right through it.

Sounds pretty idyllic, eh? And also a million miles away.

At that time, I was happily working as a freelance food writer in Canberra, Australia. After two children and five years abroad; I'd built up some good contacts and was getting my work published regularly. My career was in a good place.

And then, Laos. To say this was unexpected is an understatement. I didn't actually tell people for FOUR months. The life of a freelance writer is notoriously precarious and now I was going to turn that on its head. What would I do in Laos?

I think that it's a good thing to remind yourself that it's actually okay not to have everything planned and under control all of the time; that you can go with the flow and see what happens sometimes.

Ironically, that's also the mantra of Laos - bo pen yang.

So, I started planning. I set up a beautiful blog, Eat Drink Laos, as an outlet for my creative food and travel writing. I printed new business cards. And I decided to package my web design skills with writing online content.

It worked. In my first year in Laos, I:

  • Worked with a dozen new businesses on their websites and content
  • Wrote 60+ pages of travel copy for a new Laos website
  • Wrote 20 articles for Asian and Australian publications and companies
  • Posted over 100 blog posts on Eat Drink Laos and my business blog
  • Gained over 3000 followers on social media and my newsletters

I've also specialised my niche, rapidly grown my income and increased client demand for my services.

I can help you do the same for your business.

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