I am an Australian freelance writer and Squarespace web designer, based in Vientiane, Laos.
I help creative small business owners to succeed online.


My name is Lani and I am a writer, website designer and creative strategist. I'm also a small business owner and entrepreneur just like you.

I know how crazy it is trying to build your business and do everything yourself. 

That's where I can help. I can write your content, build your website, create your website strategy, advise you on SEO and social media, and give you loads of DIY tips via my blog and newsletter

I'm all about helping small businesses succeed online because I know exactly what that involves. 

I also get the struggle of balancing a small career with family, responsibilities and life. 

In early 2015, my husband and I, and our two small children, moved to Vientiane in Laos, a tiny, landlocked country in Asia. It's a land of mountains, waterfalls and rice paddy fields, and the meandering, mighty Mekong River flows right through it.

Vientiane is small, peaceful, and friendly. There's a rocking good food scene. You can read all about that in my food blog, Eat Drink Laos

I used to be a freelance food writer in Canberra, Australia. Now, I've reinvented my business. In my first year in Laos, I:

  • Worked with a dozen new businesses on their websites and content
  • Wrote 60+ pages of travel copy for a new Laos website
  • Wrote 20 articles for Asian and Australian publications and companies
  • Posted over 100 blog posts on Eat Drink Laos and my business blog
  • Gained over 3000 followers on social media and my newsletters

I've also specialised my niche, rapidly grown my income and increased client demand for my services. I can help you do the same. 

Want to follow your passions and start a new business? Contact me.

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— Deb Eldridge, Copywriter & Communications Specialist